Concept Cube

Concept Cube Aerial View   Concept Cube Path   Concept Cube Overview   Concept Cube Platform  

The proposed ‚Cube’ consists of a simple gravel promenade that runs along the border of the nature reserve and is framed by wooden timber.

At the western part of the renaturalised zone, stairs lead to a constructed observation hill from which the reserve can be observed. The promenade, which was moved towards the south, guarantees unrestricted access to the water for future ground-nesting birds (lapwing) and other species living on the banks of the lake. The visitor is redirected to a less sensitive area and is still able to experience and observe the rich flora and fauna. The promenade indicates a clear division between visitor and nature reserve and helps to protect the habitat of the animals.

Concept Reed

Concept Reed Aerial View   Concept Reed Path   Concept Reed Overview   Concept Reed Platform  

‚Reed’ proposes a meandering boardwalk, which hovers 30-40 cm over the ground and leads one over newly constructed water pools of the renaturalised zone. In order to guarantee the protection of the ground-nesting birds, diverse branches create a wall along the promenade. Here, the visitor can climb the observation hill and gaze into the nature reserve.

Categories: Concepts, Nature Reserve Moossee
Date: 07.03.2010