Galgenen ground floor view   Galgenen night view   Galgenen overview   Galgenen view from top  

For a Swiss bank we created an art in public space concept in Galgenen (a small town close to the lake of Zurich). This project was based on the principles of green roofs although located at ground level. The inner courtyard which is open to the sky is being redefined as a 'Hortus conclusus' but the classical elements of the paradise garden were replaced by contemporary ones. Instead of the garden there is a forrest growing and the fountain is missing - only the pool steps refer to water. Fixed to the tree trunks, they challenge the meaning of the forrest and allow new interpretations of space. The ladders end in raised hides and suggest observation (of nature), sense and communication.

Categories: Art Project Galgenen, Concepts
Date: 15.09.2010