Concept Sun Dial

Concept Sun Dial  Concept Sun Dial 

The proposal ‘Sun Dial’ takes the immediate neighbourhood of the Monument into account and high lightens the interaction between the historic landmark and the contemporary office building.
Using the Monument as a needle of a sundial draws a larger context around the cityscape and the natural influences. The sun, as it passes the Monument throws its shadow over the roof, providing shade and offering a dynamic play of light on the roof.
The wooden boardwalk offers the building inhabitants the possibility to promenade over the green zones without destroying the plants. At the same time, this boardwalk indicates through the shadow of the monument the time at a particular date.

Concept Ecotone

Concept Ecotone  Concept Ecotone 

The ecofriendly design of the building finds its continuation on this roof design. This proposal lifts the natural environment to the roof and offers a recreative area within the hectic business district.
Built with natural material (local trees such as hazel sticks and beech branches) ‘Ecotone’ provides a ‘blind’ in front of the technical supplies and with its sculptural elements a relief for the senses. Nature and architecture fuse with each other and create a harmonious and jet contrasting unit.

Concept Hide & Seek

Concept Hide & Seek  Concept Hide & Seek 

‘Hide & Seek’ is a playful design that allows the inhabitants of the building to interact with the visitors of the Monument. Being watched from very close, the panels offer a wall to hide or find protection from the wind. The version with glass panels and mirrors pushes this interactive idea even further. We suggest including solar panels as design elements in order to integrate the technical elements of the environmental friendly architecture into the every day life.

Concept Hortus

Concept Hortus  Concept Hortus 

Reflecting the lively dialogue between the historical monument and the contemporary architecture ‘Hortus’ refers at the same time to traditional garden design and to an abstract drawing. This proposal offers a unique design providing the inhabitants a natural environment to stroll and relax and enriches the visitor’s experience of the Monument with a pleasant surprising visual catch.

Categories: Concepts, Monument Building
Date: 14.12.2007