Starting Position Moossee

Winter view Moossee   Winter view Moossee   Spring view Moossee   Spring view Moossee   Overview Moossee  

We received a brief from the office of agriculture and nature Berne, Switzerland and Dr Stephan Brenneisen ZHAW, Wädenswil, Switzerland to create a proposal for the visitor infrastructure of the renaturalisation project ‘Moossee’. The area around the idyllic lake is used for agriculture. Lapwings are breeding (mostly unsuccessfully) on the nearby shopping center. These ground-breeding birds would feel much more at ease at the banks of the lake, given that there is unrestricted access to the water. The office took this as an opportunity to develop a project in which the land is renaturalised, and to create ideal conditions for the animals. Since the lake is frequently visited by fishermen and walkers, their needs had to be fulfilled as well. The aim was to create a harmonic setting where animals are well protected and visitors have the opportunity to observe nature and relax themselves.

Categories: Initialisation, Nature Reserve Moossee
Date: 25.02.2010 


Starting Position Erlenmatt Basle

Aerial View Erlenmatt Basle  Location Erlenmatt  Planed Parks Erlenmatt 

Erlenmatt quarter in Basle is located between the urban and dense city centre and the green belt north of the derelict freight terminal.

Categories: Erlenmatt Basle, Initialisation
Date: 14.12.2009 


Greenroof Science

<br>Greenroof Science  

ZHAW Switzerland (Dr Stephan Brenneisen, Wädenswil) provided their long-term knowledge about green roof technology and asked us to carry out the task for the artistic/visual concept. The green roof should not only provide a visual amenity but will also enhance biodiversity as well as ameliorating water run-off.
This feature will consist of a lightweight, semi-extensive green roof, where low growing drought resistant plant species, such as stonecrop, will be planted. These species need very little maintenance or water and can survive well in harsh environments. Watering is only required within the first few weeks after installation and during severe drought.

Categories: Initialisation, Monument Building
Date: 11.12.2007 


Starting Position Monument Building

Monument London  Staircase in Monument  Panoramic view from Monument  View from Monument 

The Monument stands at the junction of Monument Street and Fish Street Hill in the City of London. It was built between 1671 and 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London and to celebrate the rebuilding of the City.
The new office building will stand right next to this landmark. Therefore climbing the Monument were the first 311 steps in our research process.

Categories: Initialisation, Monument Building
Date: 15.11.2007 


Starting Position Basle

Situation Exhibition Hall Basle before project   View from Exhibition Tower Basel 

Our first project with the ZHAW Wädenswil is the roof of the Exhibition Hall 1 for the Swiss Exhibition in Basle Switzerland. The Building is located next to the Exhibition Tower - the tallest building in Switzerland. From the BarRouge which is located on the top floor of the Exhibition Tower you have an excellent view over the roof.

Categories: Exhibition Hall Basle, Initialisation
Date: 01.02.2007